Bethany Montecalvo - Union Makeup Artist, Hair & Photographer

NEW EP - After L.I.F.E. - Out Dec. 13, 2021

Click on image to add the EP to your DSP ;)         Artwork: OCD Agency

Click on image to add the EP to your DSP ;) Artwork: OCD Agency

"Beth Hirsch is a singer, songwriter and prolific collaborator with an exquisite voice as tender and caressing as a summer breeze in a sycamore tree. Beth’s captivating new EP “After L.I.F.E.” is a worthy companion piece to her excellent 2020 album “L.I.F.E.” Highlights include a gorgeously bittersweet reworking of “Our Song” by Takashi Fujimori (from Beth’s exceptional solo album “Wholehearted”), and Wouds' persuasive and driving new take (feat. ELIOT) on “All I Need”, Beth’s iconic collaboration with Air.

Andrew Kotatko, Music Supervisor

“The Power of the Dog"

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How to Buy After L.I.F.E. If you Don't have Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer? :)

BLEEP mp3 download

BLEEP mp3 download

Beatport mp3 download

Beatport mp3 download

Hello & Welcome! The message I most seek to communicate through my music & as an artist is                                   Love Is For Everyone = L.I.F.E.  

Some of you have told me that my music is a soundtrack to some important memories in your lives. Please know how honored I am that you have listened and experienced this. 

No matter your age, race, gender, orientation, religion, or political stripe, you are welcome here. Enjoy your visit & let me know your thoughts! 

Love, Beth 💜

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