One More Thing - Happy 2021 :) 

Dear Friends, 

Excuse me for writing again so quickly after last week, but there was something very important I forgot to tell you! 

Happy New Year... :) 

I hope you are staying well and healthy, and keeping your spirits high. I thought you might enjoy one of the tracks from L.I.F.E., "Path Of Magic" produced by Luis Vareta aka Grey Tropical. 

True story: In 2015, Luis was living in London and contacted me on my website to work with him on what was a sparse demo which, months later, became this song. He had no idea I happened to be living in Portugal and in his hometown of Porto, nonetheless! Pretty kismetic, huh?! 

In the months that followed after we first met, we ran into each other twice while walking along this beach. 

Wishing you your own Path of Magic for a beautiful 2021. 



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