Jan 08, 2021 - Justice, Recovery, and Healing for US.

Dear Friends,,, 

I have taken a couple days to process the most reprehensible chain of events that took place at the Capitol on January 6th, which unfortunately now include several deaths. 

A complete disaster to and embarrassment for our country from start to finish, the moment calls for Justice; swift, effective, clearheaded Justice. This means holding our President entirely accountable to face the consequences of his egregious and inflammatory actions and behavior. 

And then what for us, all of US, all 340M of US...? 

There was a prayer that I came across last night by Rabbi Andy Rosenkranz. His words and spirit brought me great calm and tranquility. If you could use some, too, I hope they do the same for you. 

Love, Beth xo 

"Source of Life, 

Inspire our country to always follow the path of peace. 

May our leaders act with prudence and wisdom. Help them to govern with fortitude, giving them courage to bring calmness to our land. Inspire them with words and deeds that bring reassurance that our democratic ideals will be protected and cherished. 

Watch over those who are charged with bringing order and lawfulness to our country. Protect them from harm, and shield them from violence as they uphold our nation’s values of liberty and freedom. 

Bless our country with compassion and kindness. Quiet our fears and anxieties. May contentment, understanding and respect continue to be the supreme values we cherish and uphold. 

May we always honor Your great Name, and may we forever be mindful of your commandment to treat each other with love. 


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